The "original Starbucks" you're waiting in line for is actually the fourth location. The very first Starbucks was located north of the current "original" location on the corner of Virginia and Western where Seatown Market and Fish fry is currently located. The first store operated on that corner from 1971 till 1974 when the store front was sold and eventually torn down. During that time the owners prospered and began to expand. Opening new locations in the University Village, Bellevue (first location outside of Seattle), and Capitol Hill at Broadway and Republican. The current original Starbucks didn't open until after these other three locations making it chronologically the fourth location.

Despite misleading history your long wait isn't entirely fruitless. The location you're waiting in line for still has the original logo/guts of the actual first store and despite its misleading opening date is still the oldest continually running location. The other three have been torn down and replaced at some point. The location you are waiting for also offers espresso that is hand pulled unlike the majority of the current locations which have automated espresso machines. At the very least you are getting an authentic experience and a slightly better cup of coffee. Plus the staff is not only the busiest but the best in the entire chain which is amazing since Starbucks boasts 32,660 stores. Please tip them accordingly for their excellent work.

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